Democrats Attempt to Mislead Public on Cost of Socialist Tax and Spend Bill

According to media reports, Democrats are reducing the total cost of their plan from $3.5 trillion to as low as $1.9 to $2.2 trillion. However, they are not actually seeking to reduce total federal spending – instead they are simply utilizing budget loopholes and gimmicks to create the illusion that the bill will cost less.

Dem Investment Tax Will Hurt Everyday Investors

Congressional Democrats and President Biden are pushing a reckless, multi-trillion-dollar tax-and-spend plan that will raise taxes on working families and small businesses and create vast new welfare programs that will exacerbate inflation.

It’s Time for Biden to Close His Personal Tax Gap

President Biden constantly accuses others of not “paying their fair share” of taxes and even claims tax increases are “patriotic.” But Biden himself could owe up to $500,000 in unpaid taxes, according to a new report by the Congressional Research Service, published in the New York Post.

50 Cent Opposes Biden Tax Hike Plan

plan and said Americans will move to low-tax areas of the country so they can "hold on to just what they are earning. Not to have it just taken from them by the government."

Under Dem Bill, Key States to Face Higher Taxes than China

The corporate tax rate increase and the capital gains tax rate increases in the Democrat reconciliation bill will leave states represented by swing-vote Democrats with significantly higher taxes than China.

Norquist Warns of Dem Drug Price Controls, New IRS Reporting Regime

In an interview on Fox Business Network’s ‘Fox Business Tonight,’ ATR President Grover Norquist highlighted several troubling aspects of Democrats' $3.5 trillion reconciliation package. Specifically, he warned of Democrats’ plans to impose drug price controls based on international prices, creating a 95 percent excise tax on manufacturers that do not sell drugs at the government-set price.

9 Facts About The Democrats $96 Billion Tobacco & Vaping Tax Grab

Congressional Democrats plan to double the Federal Tobacco Tax – a clear violation of President Biden’s pledge to not raise taxes on anyone earning under $400,000This will disproportionately harm the poorest Americans and increase income inequalities: 72% of smokers are low-income earners. In some states poorer smokers already spend one quarter…

VIDEO: JCT Confirms Dem Corporate Tax Hike Hits Workers

Today the Joint Committee on Taxation confirmed that corporate tax rate hikes diminish the wages of workers. Testifying before the House Ways & Means Committee, JCT Chief of Staff Thomas A. Barthold said: “Literature suggests that 25% of the burden of the corporate tax may be borne by labor in…

Science Denying Democrats Propose Whopping 2000% Tax Hike On FDA Approved Reduced Risk Products

As the United States is emerging from an unprecedented health emergency, it would be hard to believe that anyone would concoct a plan to penalize people for engaging in what the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) specifically authorizes as a method to significantly reduce the risk of persons contracting cancer, heart disease, and a myriad of other illnesses. 

Dems Propose $3 Trillion Tax Hike on Working Families and Small Businesses

House Democrats are proposing almost $3 trillion ($3,000,000,000,000) in tax increases including tax increases on small businesses and working families. This would be the largest tax increase since 1968 compared to the size of the economy and the largest tax increase ever in nominal dollars.

Biden’s energy tax hikes threaten jobs, inflation and US independence

President Joe Biden routinely talks about the need to create more quality, high-paying manufacturing jobs. If the president is serious about achieving this goal, why is he pushing policies that will destroy high-paying manufacturing jobs in the oil and gas industry?   Biden has already pushed policies that have harmed these jobs including the killing…

Terrible Jobs Report Shows Now is the Wrong Time to Raise Taxes

The U.S. economy added just 235,000 jobs in August. This is a far cry from estimates which predicted the economy would add 720,000 jobs. The US is still 5.2 million jobs short from its pre-pandemic employment.

Democrats Propose a Tax Break for Big Labor

Big Labor is lobbying lawmakers to include this tax break so that union members can deduct the cost of dues from their taxable income. This tax break would be “above the line,” meaning that taxpayers could take this deduction regardless of whether they itemized their deductions. 

Biden and Pelosi Set to Impose Tax Hikes on Small Businesses

During his campaign, President Biden promised the American people that he would not raise taxes on small businesses. Now he is violating that promise, and next week House Democrats will vote on the framework to make the tax hikes possible.

JCT Analysis: Biden Corporate Tax Hike Would Hit the Middle Class

President Biden's FY 2022 budget proposed 29 tax increases on top of the 28 percent corporate tax proposal, including a global minimum tax, doubling the capital gains tax, creating a Second Death Tax, and more. In the Senate Democrat's $3.5 trillion plan, many of these tax hikes will be included. 

Biden to Impose Largest Tax Increase Since 1968

Submitted by IMorales The $3.5 trillion tax hike being pushed by President Biden and congressional Democrats would be the largest tax increase since 1968. In nominal dollars, Biden’s $3.5 trillion tax increase would be the largest in history. But even when comparing this tax as a percentage of the economy, this tax hike…

Biden’s reckless tax-and-spend plan will make inflation worse

Thanks to President Joe Biden’s policies, American families and small businesses are seeing rampant inflation that is reducing purchasing power and stretching budgets. While the Left has dismissed this inflation as “transitory,” if Biden and Congressional Democrats have their way and pass their reckless $3.5 trillion tax and spending plan, this…

Five Reasons to Reject Biden’s Capital Gains Tax Increase

President Joe Biden has proposed doubling the capital gains tax as part of his so-called “American Families Plan.” Under his proposal, the top federal capital gains tax will be 43.4 percent including a 39.6 percent long-term capital gains rate and the 3.8 percent Obamacare net investment income tax. Biden also calls for increasing taxes on carried interest capital gains.

Drug Price Controls Could Cost Jobs in Key States

Price controls on prescription medicines proposed by President Trump and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) could have a significant negative economic impact on key states including Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and North Carolina.

Pelosi 95% Drug Tax Will Lead To 100 Fewer Cures Created

Posted by Tom Hebert House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s plan to levy a 95 percent tax on drug manufacturers could prevent 100 lifesaving medicines from being created over the next decade. The White House Council of Economic Advisors has released a report on H.R. 3, the disingenuously named Lower Drug Costs Now Act. While Pelosi claims…

Pelosi Drug Pricing Plan Contains 95% Manufacturer Excise Tax

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s drug pricing legislation, HR 3, the “Lower Drug Costs Now Act,” imposes a new excise tax on manufacturers of up to 95 percent of sales for refusing government price setting.